" I'm original. I stand on my own & I  believe in myself. "

Name: Muhammad Syafiq Farhan Boo bin Omar Boo
Date of Birth: 16 September 1993
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
Family Members: Father, Mother and I

Primary level (2000-2005) -SJK (C) Sin Min A

Secondary level (2006-2010)-SMJK Sin Min (Science Stream)

Pre-U/Foundation (2011-2012)
UiTM Lendu, Malacca (Foundation in Teaching English as Second Language)

University/Degree level (2012-2016)
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor (B.Ed Teaching English as Second Language)

Hey guys! First of all, I'm neither a pure Malay nor a pure Chinese. I'm actually a mixed of both Chinese and Malay as my father is a converted Chinese Muslim while my mother is a pure Malay. Thus, I do not look like a pure Malay although I'm being regarded as a Malay according to the constitution of Malaysia. Yes, it is rather complicated but who cares as long as I'm a Muslim =). Furthermore, I'm quite advanced and fluent in several languages such as Malay, Mandarin and also English. Well, I can say that I'm a language lover as I do have interest and passion to learn more foreign languages. I have taken German classes for two semesters in my university and I'm still learning it...it was rather difficult and complicated. Luckily I did not fail the subject hahaha. Besides, I play various types of sports! The one that has always been my first choice is indeed swimming! I had participated and won a few medal in several swimming competitions years ago, and I also did some part time coaching for my school juniors as I posses strong expertise in it.

I'm quite an active person as I have participated in tons of activities. Inevitable, I have gained a great deal of experience and benefited through all the activities that I have joined. You guys can check out my involvements and achievements in this awesome blog later...LOL. Most recently, I have been appointed as one of the student representatives in the highest student council in my beloved college named Kolej Canselor, UPM. I strongly believed that it will be a tough challenge and superb experience at the same time. However, trying my best is always a principal for me to do anything in my life! Insha allah, I will be an educator in the near future, do pray for me =). Well, I think that's all ...If you guys have any questions just ask me...personally or publicly, don't shy shy cat (malu-malu kucing) HaHaHaaa!

ABC Ais Kacang is my band, consists of 3 members, Aiman Tam, Kimi Jamai and I. Do watch our covers on YouTube =)
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My beloved Tesl classmates !! Our varsity jackets are cool right !

Thank you very much =) Just talk to me if you guys want to know more about me